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Elmassan 2024 . - GO WITH SWATTEN


Sweden, emerging as a prominent solar energy storage market in the Nordics, is experiencing significant growth. Forecasts predict a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 3.5% in Sweden's renewable energy market from 2022 to 2027. With ambitious goals to achieve 100% renewable energy generation by 2040 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 0% by 2045, Sweden presents promising opportunities for renewable energy.

Elmassan is the most authoritative electric lighting exhibition in Sweden. It is an excellent opportunity to introduce various light source products, power transmission and distribution equipment, grid automation, and lighting. International manufacturers are represented here at the trade fair to showcase the latest trends and innovations to the audience.

Swatten's hybrid inverters, showcased at Elmassan, cater to residential customers with their compact design and advanced features. The three-phase hybrid inverter, weighing just 31kg, offers easy connectivity with plug-and-play MC4 connectors and can be installed indoors or outdoors with its IP65 protection level. Featuring an integrated Energy Management System (EMS), Swatten's inverters optimize self-consumption, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing electricity costs for users.

Swatten's single-phase hybrid inverter also leads the industry with its high DC input oversizing capacity, ranging from 210% to 330%. This allows customers to connect more PV panels, optimizing solar energy utilization and ensuring economic benefits. With a PV input current of up to 16 A, the inverter accommodates a wide range of PV modules, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Swatten remains committed to advancing solar energy solutions in Sweden and beyond, empowering individuals and communities to embrace sustainable energy practices for a greener future.