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At the end of 2022, the total capacity of Spain's energy storage market was approximately 10.8 GW, with a target to deploy a total of 22 GW of storage projects by the end of 2030. The Spanish government proposed subsidies of €150 million for standalone energy storage system (BESS) projects, €150 million for hybrid energy storage projects, and €30 million for thermal energy storage projects.

The International Energy and Environment Fair, 6 February, with a record-breaking number of companies and exhibition space. The event boasts 500 exhibitors and over 24,000m2 of exhibition space, showcasing the increasing significance of the renewables sector.

Swatten energy storage systems have demonstrated unique advantages in this rapidly developing market. As a leading energy storage solutions provider, Swatten focuses on delivering efficient and reliable products to its customers. The SiH1 series hybrid inverter utilizes advanced technology, featuring high-efficiency conversion and intelligent control functions, allowing users to fully use the flexibility of power systems and maximize energy efficiency. Swatten's products not only meet market demand but also align with Spain's energy storage policies, supporting the achievement of sustainable energy development goals.

At the International Energy and Environment Fair, the outstanding performance of the Swatten Residential energy storage system underscored its leadership position in the Spanish energy storage market. With the continuous support of the Spanish government for the renewable energy and energy storage industries, Swatten will continue to strive to provide innovative solutions and promote the development of clean energy technologies. We look forward to collaborating with various sectors in Spain to jointly promote sustainable energy development and significantly contribute to environmental protection and economic growth.