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Empowering Sustainable Energy: Swatten Partners with Swissolar


We are delighted to announce that Swatten has established an exciting partnership with Swissolar! Swissolar has been dedicated to advancing solar energy in Switzerland through solar thermal for water and heating, solar power generation, or applying solar energy principles in construction. They tirelessly promote the use of solar energy in various applications.


As a member of Swissolar, we have taken a solid step forward in renewable energy. We focus on residential energy storage and are committed to providing you with innovative solutions, whether through solar power or the implementation of solar building principles.


This collaboration strengthens our commitment to sustainability and provides more choices for our customers, helping them move towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.


We look forward to exploring new possibilities in the solar energy field with Swissolar and working together to drive the future of renewable energy in Switzerland.


Thank you for your support!